You can find us in Harju County, Saue field, Tuula village. Raja Farm is located 25 kilometers from Tallinn and 6 kilometers from Keila.


We grow strawberries since 1991. Started in 3000 plants and the first variety was Festivalnaja. Raspberrieswere grown in 1996 and the first variety was Norna.


Cold storewas builtin 1997 summer, which is necessary tocoolandto maintain the berries. Chilled fruitshelf lifeincreased to fivea day, and it provides the opportunity to realize more berries.


Strawberries containa lot ofiron. Strawberries in addition to iron are also other beneficial trace elements such as copper, cobalt, manganese, zinc and iodine. Unfortunately, they are available to prevent some assimilation.